Self Service Web

Self Service Web is accomplished with our Content Management Systems that are affordable for small business.

Remote Access

Remotely access your applications, documents and email just like large companies; even real time email on your mobile device.


Your IT systems are supported by industry experts.


Our primary focus is securing your websites and information systems.

Content Management Made Easy

Content Management allows you to manage your own website without the hassle of involving that hard-to-reach webmaster.  With a KTS content management site your web presense is in the hands of the people who know your business best - you!  Features such as calendars, blogs, discussion forums, Google ads, shopping carts, photo galleries and much, much more are at your fingertips.  It's easier, less expensive and more effective!  We build it, we train you - and you maintain the content.

IT solutions for small business

As a small business owner you understand the need for technology but have also be bitten by poor execution in the past. We know this, and have devised a rock solid system backed by the support required to ensure your core business is not adversely affected by technology.

Our Mission

Providing world-class service to the small business community, by delivering secure, reliable and supportable information systems with a foundation built on integrity and trust.

How it works

To put it very simply, there is no cookie-cutter solution for a small business IT project because every business is different. However, our core set of products can be interfaced into just about any business and then customized to meet workflow needs. Many companies can sell you computers and servers along with very fancy software—but we are the only company dedicated to making that technology work for your business. After you call us for your free security analysis of your network we will explain to you how our small business solution works and how it would interface into your business. We evaluate your current technology usage and make a recommendation for a long term technology strategy that will likely pay for itself in only a few short months. No obligation, no pressure. Just an honest appraisal of your systems, and recommendations that are focused on improving your core business.



Killion Technology Solutions